Powerful impact of web design in our digital world.

Do you know? Having an outstanding web design is the major factors for online marketing.

Website is a webpage where we can click into the site and explore it by using internet connection. This is the most important tool for digital marketing to reach customers who are living throughout the world.

What can I use website in the business world?

I think every company who have aim to achieve their target market on online channel worldwide or attending in e-commerce business should have website to get interacting with their clients. Website can provide customer support, building online community, display product line, increasing sale volume, and even telling brand’s story through the site.website-design-services-buffalo-ny

You can enchant your website by designing attractive website. Having a nice website can make customer having a first impression with the brand for shopping on online channel. Therefore, it can lead to increasing sale volume and also changing visitors into customers.

We can designing various features on the website to suit in every device’s screen. Company should aware to create mobile friendly for customer to have easy viewing the website on every device’s screen their have. Moreover, having a great web structure and design will be your competitive advantage among competitors in the market.

web-designIf we can engaging with customers on e-commerce and make them feel convenient to purchase online product, company will reach higher sale volume and expand much larger market segment to overseas. So we should design webpage for easy using, clearly structure and layout, proper colour, and added some feature like live chat. I know designing the website is not a easy stuff to do but these day we can hire professional web designer to build and create wonderful webpage for you.

As my preference, I alway search for reviews on brand’s website in the community chat room before going to purchase something. I’m sure that many customers are all doing the same way as me. If they find out that online website is easy to access and have a great deal rather than in-store shopping, they might changing their purchasing behaviour. It is awesome to know that the brand consider and care about their customer much more than before. So why we are not concerning more in this issue and designing a brilliant website for your customers? It is rising customer awareness and  it is another way to interact with customer too.


Which brand make you impressive with their web design?and why? What else benefits you can think from having a web design as your marketing tool?

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What happens after being a blogger?

I’m sure lots of people may not know what is blogging are all about. Today I will come to express what is blogging, how do I feel about writing the blog, and what I get from being a blogger.

I think “Blogging” is an available web site which it has provided individual space to post the article or journal. At first when I know that I have to write the blog as my assignment. I feel really anxious and panicky, I have no idea what should I do to get start writing the blog!!!. o_O

In my opinion, I actually don’t like to writing the blog because I’m being the good reader than the writer. Base on my previous experience, I have seen bloggers writing a blog for reviewing  the product and service. Some of them were writing about how they feel after they used those product without being paid from the brand, they reviewed with their attention and effort to do by themselves. But some of bloggers, the company have to hire them for the review in order to create brand awareness. Nevertheless, I still like to see all of reviews before I have making a decision to purchase something.

Screen Shot 2558-11-11 at 12.26.37 PMFirst of all, I’m going to prepare myself and get ready to be a good blogger by attending in beginner’s workshop that teach about how to get start your blog. They teach me what is the most important thing I have to do about writing a good blog and what I must not to do about writing a bad blog. I have learned how to lead the visitor to have engagement with me by using call to action question and how to design the layout for easy reading. My blog’s style is personal blog which I like to provide interesting education knowledge and my own interesting in cooking.

In obviously, after I continue doing a blog, I have learned my writing style, the way to improve my writing skill, how to express my ideas, how to build relationship with the reader, and also interpretation skill. If I keep writing the blog, it can be my portfolio and have benefit with my future career path. ⭐ ^^’

Do you feel the same as me? About writing a blog in beginner is quite hard but you will gain lots of thing, though.

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What MOOC make me change to a new me?

Massive online open course or MOOC provided many course in variety fields of study. We can debate to share idea and great for cultural exchange from multicultural students and professional across the world. Knowledge from online courses were collected from credible sources with 73 co-partners of university.

Screen Shot 2558-11-06 at 4.04.35 PM

Courses divided in 13 categories are following:

business & management, creative arts & media, health & psychology, history, languages & cultures, law, literature, nature & environment, online& digital, politics & the modern world, science, maths & technology, sport & leisure, teaching & studying.

You can come and join the course at https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/categories

While you using MOOC as your study. What the benefit you will get

019279-green-jelly-icon-symbols-shapes-smiley-face1 Learning anywhere you are.

– Learning anytime you want.

– Can repeated studying many time.

– Many fields of study to learn.

– Exchange with ethnically diverse students and professionals from worldwide.

– No pressure in learning (social or surrounding environment).

– Low cost to pay for learning.

In contrast, as the coin have two sides, MOOC also have their weakness too. What you will not get from studying online course?

– Lack of real experience while studying in the class.

– No interaction with instructors and classmates.

– No exchanging ideas from many nationality of instructors and classmates.

– Need set-up cost (computer or any device that can use to log-in the study on website, internet access for internet connection, installed software are needed).

– Have to have high self motivate to study by yourself (no any pressure of competition in classroom)

Come to my feeling, how I feel after completed my course in the MOOC?

After I completed my Massive online open course ( MOOC ) which I have joined in “Digital Marketing Course” for 3 weeks. It all about how important of digital marketing to our life?, why we need to use it?, and how we apply technology into digital device?

There are many discussion and case study for analytical thinking in this course. This make me to motivate myself to think about how we will solve the problem in the case study. I can learn from many people who participants in this course while they were discussing and sharing their idea of how their thinking about the topic. Interestingly, different people have different point of view. This shows that our attitude toward something, we can look in many sides of it.

Additional, learning in FutureLearn help me a lots to improve in reading skill, analytical thinking skill, writing skill, interpersonal skill, persuasion skill, and interpretation skill. As my English language are not my first language, I can practice it through the discussion in MOOC with friends and other people. It’s like forcing myself to use English as natural communication with others.

Sincerely thank you to all the staffs and instructors who form this FutureLearn website. 🙂 It not easy to build MOOC which provided knowledge from many fields of study, I really to say thank you for your time and your exert to build it for us.

How do you think about MOOC? Is it motivate you more in your study?

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