What MOOC make me change to a new me?

Massive online open course or MOOC provided many course in variety fields of study. We can debate to share idea and great for cultural exchange from multicultural students and professional across the world. Knowledge from online courses were collected from credible sources with 73 co-partners of university.

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Courses divided in 13 categories are following:

business & management, creative arts & media, health & psychology, history, languages & cultures, law, literature, nature & environment, online& digital, politics & the modern world, science, maths & technology, sport & leisure, teaching & studying.

You can come and join the course at https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/categories

While you using MOOC as your study. What the benefit you will get

019279-green-jelly-icon-symbols-shapes-smiley-face1 Learning anywhere you are.

– Learning anytime you want.

– Can repeated studying many time.

– Many fields of study to learn.

– Exchange with ethnically diverse students and professionals from worldwide.

– No pressure in learning (social or surrounding environment).

– Low cost to pay for learning.

In contrast, as the coin have two sides, MOOC also have their weakness too. What you will not get from studying online course?

– Lack of real experience while studying in the class.

– No interaction with instructors and classmates.

– No exchanging ideas from many nationality of instructors and classmates.

– Need set-up cost (computer or any device that can use to log-in the study on website, internet access for internet connection, installed software are needed).

– Have to have high self motivate to study by yourself (no any pressure of competition in classroom)

Come to my feeling, how I feel after completed my course in the MOOC?

After I completed my Massive online open course ( MOOC ) which I have joined in “Digital Marketing Course” for 3 weeks. It all about how important of digital marketing to our life?, why we need to use it?, and how we apply technology into digital device?

There are many discussion and case study for analytical thinking in this course. This make me to motivate myself to think about how we will solve the problem in the case study. I can learn from many people who participants in this course while they were discussing and sharing their idea of how their thinking about the topic. Interestingly, different people have different point of view. This shows that our attitude toward something, we can look in many sides of it.

Additional, learning in FutureLearn help me a lots to improve in reading skill, analytical thinking skill, writing skill, interpersonal skill, persuasion skill, and interpretation skill. As my English language are not my first language, I can practice it through the discussion in MOOC with friends and other people. It’s like forcing myself to use English as natural communication with others.

Sincerely thank you to all the staffs and instructors who form this FutureLearn website. 🙂 It not easy to build MOOC which provided knowledge from many fields of study, I really to say thank you for your time and your exert to build it for us.

How do you think about MOOC? Is it motivate you more in your study?

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14 thoughts on “What MOOC make me change to a new me?

    • I think it worthwhile. Everything that you want to achieve the goal and get successful, of course you have to put effort for it. You can gain or learn something when you do it by yourself and practice it. So do you like MOOC? 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • I have to say I am a big fan of MOOC after i have experienced it for a while. I think MOOC is an endless opportunity for everyone in the globe. It allows me to take many others course from other famous universities while i am physically still doing my master degree here in Southampton. Are you considering to take any other course apart from Digital Marketing via Future Learn?

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  1. Nice to hear that MOOC is useful to you.
    I’m interesting in language & culture, it include many course with certificate. I choose to study in this field because I want to know more multicultural of other student and it exciting to explore many course that available on FutureLearn.


  2. I have got a lot benefits on this e-learning. I can join any interesting courses for free as well as improving my skill and ability. I like to read a discussion offered in a comment box which I can share my experience to other as well.

    For me, MOOC is a valuable platform that I can gain more knowledge. But what a problem is that I have to force myself to study and complete all the topic. Sometimes, it is very difficult to understand as it is not my native language so it is wasting time to find the meaning of word.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Honestly, at first I have to adjust my behaviour too for motivating myself to learn on MOOC. After you familiar with online courses, you will be more happy with it cause they provided flexible schedule for you to study on it. Good for you to practiced and learned vocabulary while you were studying on many case study.


  3. Jananun says:

    Hi Disarin,
    You have mentioned few drawback from MOOC. How do you deal with them and turn MOOC into your benefit? I would argue that though it is a rare chance, I did few exchanges with some of our classmates and some ideas discussed with non-classmates as well.

    With the lack of specific experience of digital marketing, I found it a bit challenging for me to contribute in the discussion. Though I enjoyed learning from others participants and material compiled by the educators and contributors.

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  4. It was not a big problem that I faced while I was using the MOOC because when I didn’t clearly understand what other people discussion in the case study. I will ask my friend who are also study on the same course as me to talk about the discussion can sharing more idea together. Your friend call help you a lot.


  5. Your blog is very clear about information of MOOC. Your writing structure is very good as it’s very easy for reading.

    For MOOC, I gain pretty much knowledge with this course, especially, from comments of other learners. I Sometime, I don’t understand the content but comment of other learners can help. love to join discussion with other. Also, I can join the class whenever I want.

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  6. On a personal level, what kept me motivated to engage in the MOOC is the fact that I was curious to see what others think of my reflection on the subject and if my opinion is similar to that of marketers anywhere else in the world. This clearly gave me an idea of cultural differences also effect marketing practices.

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    • Cultural different is another factors that making discussion have more interesting because we will learn what we have never know before from many nationality of student and instructor. It a good practice and value experience you can gain on the MOOC.


  7. One thing I like from MOOCs is how they allow us to learn from other learners. I have to admit that sometime I understand the content because I read the comment from the participants. Also, reading those interactions lead me to think of an issue to discuss with others.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Similarly, it also occurs with me in this case. May be because I was not native speaker, so some topic I cannot clearly understand it in immediately. It worth to learn from other and get interact with them. I’m sure you will gain a lot from learning in the MOOC.


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