What happens after being a blogger?

I’m sure lots of people may not know what is blogging are all about. Today I will come to express what is blogging, how do I feel about writing the blog, and what I get from being a blogger.

I think “Blogging” is an available web site which it has provided individual space to post the article or journal. At first when I know that I have to write the blog as my assignment. I feel really anxious and panicky, I have no idea what should I do to get start writing the blog!!!. o_O

In my opinion, I actually don’t like to writing the blog because I’m being the good reader than the writer. Base on my previous experience, I have seen bloggers writing a blog for reviewing  the product and service. Some of them were writing about how they feel after they used those product without being paid from the brand, they reviewed with their attention and effort to do by themselves. But some of bloggers, the company have to hire them for the review in order to create brand awareness. Nevertheless, I still like to see all of reviews before I have making a decision to purchase something.

Screen Shot 2558-11-11 at 12.26.37 PMFirst of all, I’m going to prepare myself and get ready to be a good blogger by attending in beginner’s workshop that teach about how to get start your blog. They teach me what is the most important thing I have to do about writing a good blog and what I must not to do about writing a bad blog. I have learned how to lead the visitor to have engagement with me by using call to action question and how to design the layout for easy reading. My blog’s style is personal blog which I like to provide interesting education knowledge and my own interesting in cooking.

In obviously, after I continue doing a blog, I have learned my writing style, the way to improve my writing skill, how to express my ideas, how to build relationship with the reader, and also interpretation skill. If I keep writing the blog, it can be my portfolio and have benefit with my future career path. ⭐ ^^’

Do you feel the same as me? About writing a blog in beginner is quite hard but you will gain lots of thing, though.

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14 thoughts on “What happens after being a blogger?

  1. I feel the same as you.
    For me, blogging is the same kind as a diary which I really do not like.
    I had an experienced in writing a diary before and gave up within one week. That’s why I do not like to write a blog.

    Anyway, while blogging I got so many benefits from it.
    First, I can get more knowledge while searching an information from news, articles, and journals. Moreover, blogging give me a chance to improve my english skill.

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    • Practice all way make perfect. If you continue writing the blog, your english skill will be improved soon. Keep writing as your habit is a great thing to do so. Then, I cheer up you to do more blogging :). So what do you think about my idea that ask you to keep writing the blog? Do you think it will help you?


      • You know, actually, I will keep continue blogging when I have a free time hahaha
        For me, I can gain a lot of benefits from blogging in term of business and daily life. I may have a professional portfolio which is represented my skill and hard-working. 🙂

        What about you? Do you want to continue blogging?

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      • Let’s get ready to build your own online portfolio on the blog because I will keep writing the blog too. In digital era right now, it quite be helpful for you future career too. There will be more interesting if you already have experienced in practicing in this field of study.


  2. I don’t think writing blog is good for marketer because the trend moves to social medias or applications. This age, the less word to communicate is more effective than lots of words in blog or websites. One day, you will see a load of information, texts, pictures, videos, etc. You are really interested in blog articles, aren’t you ?

    And I think people are more like photos than words or whole story. If you want to prove, you try to post your pic with a sentence on your FB. Then you will get more LIKE than your status. The more words you wrote on your status, the less LIKE you will get.

    Anyway, website moves on application as it s easier to reach and use it. Customers don’t wast time for load website, just click app while waiting buses or friends.

    So, leave the blog and improve other methods to communicate with your customers.
    That s my idea, make sense ?

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    • Your idea is right but not at all.

      I think blog is another way to promote and increase brand awareness from customer, it really works in beauty industry. So now marketer keep hiring blogger to review the product and the service for them.

      It depends to who is your target customer, we have to know their life style and purchasing behaviour to select the right way to communicate with them. This seem to have the most effective method to interact with them.

      How do you think about it?


  3. I think that it was a great idea of the university team to provide us with blogging experience. From the first glance it seemed that we were forced to make something novel for us. Certainly, in some sense it was challenging activity because not all students are talented writers and know how to grab attention of audience. But at the end of the course you understand that it was a brilliant experience to try something different and overcome fear of public attention. Moreover for non-native speakers it was an opportunity to enhance language skills.

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  4. You said that you are the good reader. Why don’t you try to improve another skill from this blog post? You can share your thought through wording on the blog. It is not necessary to write only about an academic topic, but sometimes your experiences about something may be good for other to read. For your first attempt, it may not successful like you want, don’t feel disappointed. Keep trying to do that.You will see a good result soon.


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    • Of course I have tried to share my own interesting on cooking the food as my first post. This help me feel more relax about writing the blog. In each post, I’m also trying to improve my platform in writing style and selecting the topic I think that it will be useful for my visitors to read it.

      Thank you for your sincerely, I will not keep up to do the blog.

      Do you have any technique to share for raising visitor’s attention?

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  5. Jananun says:

    I am sure by reading more of academic read or learn from other bloggers, we will somehow learn the way they construct their blog message. Maybe you can turn thing around by applying what you have seen from your reading into writing. Although it is easy to say but I really think we can develop our writing skill by keep writing.

    Will you be writing more blog then, Disarin?

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    • Yes sure when I’m free, I willing to do it.

      From many blogger who I have seen their blog, I was taking their good technique for being a good blogger to apply in my blog too. I don’t know it will work on me or not but for me, it is going ok according to engagement from visitors. Blogging for me is like another live of community that we can share idea and our interest.

      And how about you? Do you like to do more of it too?


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