Powerful impact of web design in our digital world.

Do you know? Having an outstanding web design is the major factors for online marketing.

Website is a webpage where we can click into the site and explore it by using internet connection. This is the most important tool for digital marketing to reach customers who are living throughout the world.

What can I use website in the business world?

I think every company who have aim to achieve their target market on online channel worldwide or attending in e-commerce business should have website to get interacting with their clients. Website can provide customer support, building online community, display product line, increasing sale volume, and even telling brand’s story through the site.website-design-services-buffalo-ny

You can enchant your website by designing attractive website. Having a nice website can make customer having a first impression with the brand for shopping on online channel. Therefore, it can lead to increasing sale volume and also changing visitors into customers.

We can designing various features on the website to suit in every device’s screen. Company should aware to create mobile friendly for customer to have easy viewing the website on every device’s screen their have. Moreover, having a great web structure and design will be your competitive advantage among competitors in the market.

web-designIf we can engaging with customers on e-commerce and make them feel convenient to purchase online product, company will reach higher sale volume and expand much larger market segment to overseas. So we should design webpage for easy using, clearly structure and layout, proper colour, and added some feature like live chat. I know designing the website is not a easy stuff to do but these day we can hire professional web designer to build and create wonderful webpage for you.

As my preference, I alway search for reviews on brand’s website in the community chat room before going to purchase something. I’m sure that many customers are all doing the same way as me. If they find out that online website is easy to access and have a great deal rather than in-store shopping, they might changing their purchasing behaviour. It is awesome to know that the brand consider and care about their customer much more than before. So why we are not concerning more in this issue and designing a brilliant website for your customers? It is rising customer awareness and  it is another way to interact with customer too.


Which brand make you impressive with their web design?and why? What else benefits you can think from having a web design as your marketing tool?

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20 thoughts on “Powerful impact of web design in our digital world.

  1. It is a really good point, the user experience in a website has to be good in order to attract and retain your customers to your content and to your goals for example I think this is very important for e-commerce websites because the experience has to be easy for your customer.

    There are several studies that point the importance of web architecture and design, the buttons for example they have to be at right or at the left side of the page? Your call to actions of course is going to be the most important thing of the site but where to put them in order to get more clikcs?

    There are some companies that actually test different versions of the same website to see which one is better in terms of conversion rate.

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    • It sounds interesting to know that there are having studies focusing on what our eye get the most attraction. And which part of it will give the best result in raising the hits of the website statistic.

      Obviously, Testing different version of webpage’s style is an essential for successful business who want to achieve and compete in this field of online market.

      What do you think it is the important thing for the company to do, in order to satisfy their customer? I recommend to launch a questionnaire to do the survey about what customer’s need when they using website for purchasing. What do you think?


      • Mint•Kanyarat says:

        I don’t think to conduct a questionnaire will help in this stage. In my opinion, let people who are you real target audiences come and test your website and record their comments or record their real behavior how long does it take for each session would be more benefit. Moreover, you can do A/B testing (how big of your button, which message to tell, how can them redeem coupon codes, etc. Testing which version is suitable for them. However, there are some biases or depend on your sample size as well. In my opinion, UX is a key factor for success e-commerce.

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      • Oh I see your point to selected only target customer to be the sample in the survey. It will effectively work. Additional, do the testing is better way to know your strength and weakness that have to be improved.


  2. I think it’s depend on each customer’s want.
    If the website is really creative and professional structure which can get more people’s attention, but if there is less information that people want to know, how is it important to them?

    Anyway, I like to search an information from the reviewer first before visiting their main website in order to get more details about each product that I interested. It would be great if the websites is creative to grab first attention and also provide a lot of information of the product, especially price.

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    • You are right, we should providing enough information for visitor to fulfil what their are concerning. Focusing too much on design but no information needed is not a great idea to do so.

      As you also being a blogger, what is the first thing you consider about your visitors and put the most effort on?

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      • To be honest, as I am a customer, when I visit the website for example food product. I want to see the special offers of the day or the week that the store is provided so that I can prepare myself what I want to buy and what price I have to pay.

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  3. Good point ! Users’ experience is one of the core thing that marketers should pay attention. The good website should offer the users a pleasant experience. Nice and clean, as well as easy to navigate around is the key. For example, I choose to blog with WordPress rather than Tumblr because I love the design of its website. So, i guess Tumblr has lose one of the potential user, just from its design. what do you think?

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    • For me, choosing the design and widget for the webpage is the most important thing to do in the first step. I spend a lot of time to choose the theme and try on trial widget and navigator.

      Which feature do you like the most on WordPress? and Why?


  4. I totally agree with you. The website design is definitely important. Just like the company we served in the marketing communication module, their official website have a lot of useful information and good content, but the design and structure is so rough that make the visitor not easy to find the information they want. I believe that customers will get a better experience after the improvement of the website.

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    • So you think they should improve in navigator of the webpage right?

      Web owner should pay attention to their target customer, keep improving and launch trial website to test in the marketing is quite good to do.

      What do you think it will make your website outstanding among competitors?


  5. It is not easy to make the website special from competitors, but I think the more important thing is that make sure the role of your website played and realize it. It depends on the position of your website. For example, if you use the website to deliver the information to the consumer, just make a good structure to enable visitor can get the information easily. If you use the website for selling, make the purchase process simple and convenient for customers to do the shopping online.

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    • I can clearly understand your explanation for setting up the most perfect structure for visitor to run through the process. Eliminated unnecessary processes is an essential too. I hope we can develop and influence customer to use website by providing attractive and effective design on the website. That will lead them to success in online marketing.


  6. Jananun says:

    An industry research from Imaginary Landscape, LLC mentioned that the web designers have 50 milliseconds to make a good first impression. If you want to read a quick summary, you can visit http://www.imagescape.com/docs/association-first-impression.pdf.
    I think the better chance for users to trust the content is when the site has professionally designed look. It is the first impression in urging users to interact with the site. It is even better when the site design allows users to find information efficiently.

    I like http://www.tcdc.or.th/. It is simple but easy to find information. The page layout helps to emphasize the content and clearing separate each section.

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    • Wow you find the interesting thing to shock me. The information is useful and of course we can capture customer intention in a second with the powerful word. Certainly, tcdc have placed a good structure of website. It provided lot of information but easy to read and navigate. Thank for sharing a great website that have a great design to attract my attention.


  7. I would say that website should include sensory marketing. There should be sensory proper sensory cues that would impact people’s memory. It must be clear and neat so that visitor can find what he is looking for and enjoy search 🙂

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