Powerful impact of web design in our digital world.

Do you know? Having an outstanding web design is the major factors for online marketing.

Website is a webpage where we can click into the site and explore it by using internet connection. This is the most important tool for digital marketing to reach customers who are living throughout the world.

What can I use website in the business world?

I think every company who have aim to achieve their target market on online channel worldwide or attending in e-commerce business should have website to get interacting with their clients. Website can provide customer support, building online community, display product line, increasing sale volume, and even telling brand’s story through the site.website-design-services-buffalo-ny

You can enchant your website by designing attractive website. Having a nice website can make customer having a first impression with the brand for shopping on online channel. Therefore, it can lead to increasing sale volume and also changing visitors into customers.

We can designing various features on the website to suit in every device’s screen. Company should aware to create mobile friendly for customer to have easy viewing the website on every device’s screen their have. Moreover, having a great web structure and design will be your competitive advantage among competitors in the market.

web-designIf we can engaging with customers on e-commerce and make them feel convenient to purchase online product, company will reach higher sale volume and expand much larger market segment to overseas. So we should design webpage for easy using, clearly structure and layout, proper colour, and added some feature like live chat. I know designing the website is not a easy stuff to do but these day we can hire professional web designer to build and create wonderful webpage for you.

As my preference, I alway search for reviews on brand’s website in the community chat room before going to purchase something. I’m sure that many customers are all doing the same way as me. If they find out that online website is easy to access and have a great deal rather than in-store shopping, they might changing their purchasing behaviour. It is awesome to know that the brand consider and care about their customer much more than before. So why we are not concerning more in this issue and designing a brilliant website for your customers? It is rising customer awareness and  it is another way to interact with customer too.


Which brand make you impressive with their web design?and why? What else benefits you can think from having a web design as your marketing tool?

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Is it worth to spend money with famous celebrity to gain more sales volume?

“93% of customers expect companies to have a presence on social media” (Bedgood, 2015).

This illustrate, customers access information through social media even more in nowadays and use social media to engage with other people all around the world with no barrier. Company can sell their product and service worldwide and expand their local market into global market or niche market into mass market. An important point is that they can expanding market into foreign countries. Sound nicely but we should know how to access to those customers through social media channels. There are example of social media channels list below.

List of social media channels.

Facebook-128 Facebook

• Twitter-128 Twitter

• YouTube-128 YouTube

• Linkedin-128 LinkedIn

• Google_Plus-128 Google+

• Pinterest-128 Pinterest

• Instagram-128 Instagram


Figure 1: 2015 B2C Content Marketing Trends-North America: Content Marketing Institute/MarketingProfs

According to the above figure shows, Facebook is the most popular social media platform that customers really use. Interestingly, all of them except Instagram have over 50% usage between business and customers. Then choosing social media platform to be one as your promotional channels is a good choice.

After we know which social media channels we will promote in. Let’s find what will make customers recognise the brand among various competitors? 

To my knowledge, customers always make a decision to purchase the product and service according to the trust in brands or how much credibility the brands have. Moreover, brand awareness is also the most major factors that make customers recall the brand from their memory and gain the trust with them. In this case, we should have representative to connect with the brand image.

Presenter is the one who represent the brand image and help customer recognise it easier.

“As statistical proof, Nike golf balls, since the company signed Tiger Woods in 1996, have seen a $ 50 million revenue growth.” (Mukherjee, 2009).


Figure 2: 2015 B2C Tiger Woods Net Worth

Net Worth: $640 Million

Surprising that Tiger Woods net worth was $640 Million and his earnings in 2015 was $50.6 Million. Can you image how much Nike offer money to make Tiger Woods signs the contract? Nike has Tiger Woods as the brand ambassador which represent that Nike be the professional brand in golf line. Customers will be motivate to purchase Nike’s product by recognising the brand ambassador. This is an great example for choosing celebrity as presenter to increase brand image, brand awareness, and sale volume. From my point of view, it comes as no surprise that it worth to invest huge money with celebrity to increase sale volume.

How do you think, about engaging follower in social media by using famous celebrity as a presenter, can really increase revenue?, is it worth to spend money with celebrity ?

Let’s me know your idea about this topic. Hope you enjoyed this post 🙂

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