What happens after being a blogger?

I’m sure lots of people may not know what is blogging are all about. Today I will come to express what is blogging, how do I feel about writing the blog, and what I get from being a blogger.

I think “Blogging” is an available web site which it has provided individual space to post the article or journal. At first when I know that I have to write the blog as my assignment. I feel really anxious and panicky, I have no idea what should I do to get start writing the blog!!!. o_O

In my opinion, I actually don’t like to writing the blog because I’m being the good reader than the writer. Base on my previous experience, I have seen bloggers writing a blog for reviewing  the product and service. Some of them were writing about how they feel after they used those product without being paid from the brand, they reviewed with their attention and effort to do by themselves. But some of bloggers, the company have to hire them for the review in order to create brand awareness. Nevertheless, I still like to see all of reviews before I have making a decision to purchase something.

Screen Shot 2558-11-11 at 12.26.37 PMFirst of all, I’m going to prepare myself and get ready to be a good blogger by attending in beginner’s workshop that teach about how to get start your blog. They teach me what is the most important thing I have to do about writing a good blog and what I must not to do about writing a bad blog. I have learned how to lead the visitor to have engagement with me by using call to action question and how to design the layout for easy reading. My blog’s style is personal blog which I like to provide interesting education knowledge and my own interesting in cooking.

In obviously, after I continue doing a blog, I have learned my writing style, the way to improve my writing skill, how to express my ideas, how to build relationship with the reader, and also interpretation skill. If I keep writing the blog, it can be my portfolio and have benefit with my future career path. ⭐ ^^’

Do you feel the same as me? About writing a blog in beginner is quite hard but you will gain lots of thing, though.

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